Covid-19 Vaccination Appointments

Update – Monday 22nd March 2021

We have made great progress in vaccinating our most vulnerable patients.

We are now commencing our second doses to those who received their first 11-12 weeks ago. We will contact patients with mobile phones by text message asking them to call us to book an appointment. Anyone without a mobile phone we will try to contact on landlines or by letter asking them to call us to book an appointment.

We believe that we have invited all patients aged over 50, those aged 16-64 with an eligible underlying health condition and the clinically extremely vulnerable (shielded) for their vaccine, however, if you think you are in one of these groups (Groups 1-9) and have not been called please call the practice on 01235 522602<tel:01235%20522602> as soon as possible.

We are continuing to receive vaccine and are inviting eligible patients as guided by the government. The vaccine delivery schedule is not within our control. Please be assured that as soon as we receive vaccine we are committed to delivering it to our patients.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.