Child ADHD

If you suspect your child may have ADHD and would like to arrange assessment, this can be arranged on the NHS by contacting your child’s school or nursery. They can refer your child for an assessment, and the mental health services have stated that this should be the route of referral, rather than your child being referred by a GP.

Please do not book a GP appointment. If your child’s teacher has suggested you should, please ask to speak to the school’s SENCO (special educational needs coordinator) who will advise further.

It is regrettable that waiting times for NHS ADHD assessment are extremely long. You may decide to pay privately for assessment.

Please be advised that we cannot usually ‘share care’ or take over prescribing from a private specialist, so prescriptions are likely to need to continue to come from the specialist until/unless your child is seen in the NHS.

If you or your child is nearly 18 and we are prescribing your/their ADHD medication, please navigate to our adult ADHD webpage and read section 4 about ensuring we can continue the prescription.