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For more information about vaccines, Vaccine Knowledge is a source of independent, evidence-based information about vaccines and infectious diseases. They provide clear information on complex topics and back it up with references to high-quality, reliable research.

The Vaccine Knowledge Project is managed by the Oxford Vaccine Group, an academic research group in the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Oxford. The site is updated regularly to make sure information is as up-to-date and accurate as possible and is overseen by academic staff at the cutting edge of vaccine research.

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The Health Centre works with the Child Health Immunisations team to support the vaccination of all children against preventable diseases. We follow the UK Immunisation Schedule.

When a child registers at the practice, their parent/carer must show us their immunisation history. This includes details of any vaccinations the child has had in other parts of the UK or overseas. Our Nurses will then check the child is up to date and invite the child for catch up immunisations if needed.

If you are not accompanying your child for their vaccinations you will need to send a letter of consent confirming that you are happy for your child to be vaccinated in the care of the person attending with them. Please provide the name and address of the person you have sent your child with. A form of identification will also be required from the person attending with your child, i.e. driving licence, passport, etc. If this documentation is not available we will not be able to provide the immunisations at that time.

Seasonal flu

*Eligibility criteria applies. All children aged 2 and 3 on 31 August 2023, children who have certain health conditions and those who live with adults at risk are invited to have a flu vaccine at the surgery if they are not having it at school. We aim to invite all eligible patients by mid-October. If you think your child may be eligible but you have not received an invitation, please phone the surgery.


Human papillomavirus (HPV)

*Eligibility criteria applies. Please book a telephone appointment with a Nurse if you are female, under 25 years old, born in/after 2008 and have missed having the vaccine at school.


*Eligibility criteria applies. Patients are eligible from 65 years+. The practice will invite you when you reach 65. Please let us know if you are over 65 years and may have missed an invitation.


*Eligibility criteria applies. Previously patients between 70 and 79 years were eligible. From September 2023, patients will be eligible from 65 to 79. Patients aged 50+ with a severely weakened immune system are also eligible so please contact us if you think this applies to you.

Patients turning 65 and 70 will be invited to book 1 month following their birth month. Patients between 65 to 70 years will be invited over time as part of a nationally timetabled 10-year catch up programme. Patients between 71 and 79 years will be invited in reverse age order.

MMR catch-up

Patients who were born in the 1970s and 1980s whose records do not show they have had 2 doses of MMR vaccine have been invited to have catch up MMR vaccine(s). Please contact us if you think this applies to you and you have not received an invitation.

Seasonal flu

*Eligibility criteria applies. All adults aged 65 and over, or turning 65 by 31 March 2024 are eligible. Adults under 65 with certain health conditions, who are pregnant, in long-term residential care, live with or are the main carer for someone at risk are also eligible. We send invitations by text message. Please contact us if you think you are eligible and you have not received an invitation by mid-October.

Travel vaccinations

Please use this form for advice on vaccinations when travelling abroad. Please contact us in plenty of time to arrange any vaccinations that may be necessary. NHS travel vaccines are provided. We are not a private travel clinic so some vaccines may need to be obtained privately if required.