Group Consultations

Creating Time to Care

  • Led by you
  • Unrushed time with the GP/nurse
  • Meet other people locally with the same condition and support each other
  • Learn from other people’s experiences
  • Time to focus on your health goals

What is it?

Group consultations are medical consultations with a GP or Specialist Nurse, but also provide the opportunity to meet other people with the same condition.

You can talk about treatment goals, share ideas, and solve problems with the GP or Specialist Nurse.

You can put questions to a GP or specialist nurse.

How Do they Work?

Up to 12 people with the same medical condition meet for 2 hours to review their latest results

The first half is an introduction to the group by a facilitator and a discussion around the results board to come up with the questions people want to ask the clinician

After a refreshment break the clinician (specialist nurse or GP) is invited into the group and addresses each patient individually to review their results and any questions they might have. The conversation often opens up to the group as we problem solve and share solutions that have worked for others.

The clinician leaves and the facilitator supports individuals to come up with their own health goals.

Does It Help?

Meeting other people locally with the same condition can help support you and help you learn from other people’s experiences.

A chance for unrushed time with your GP or nurse.

Discuss the latest research on diet and lifestyle.

Is it Confidential?

All group members sign a confidentiality clause.

If you have a confidential issue that needs to be discussed we will arrange for you to have a private discussion with the clinician.

Group consultations have been running in the USA for 17 years with no confidentiality problems.

More Information

Montgomery House Surgery have a website where you can watch a video about group consultations and what one looks like 

How to book into a Group Consultation

You should have been to see the Nurse for your annual review before attending the Group Consultation. You should also have received your test results from your Nurse appointment, which you should bring with you.

To book you appointment in the Group Consultation, please call on 01235 522 602 and ask the appointment clerk to book you into a Diabetic Group Consultation session.