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Use the search box at the top of the webpage to do a keyword search. This will bring up all instances of the word on our website.

Use the digital assistant (the blue circle containing a white speech bubble) at the bottom right-hand side of the webpage. This pre-programmed help should be able to point you in the right direction for common actions, such as booking an appointment, ordering a repeat prescription, seeing test results, etc.

Use the change language option (look for the Union flag icon at the bottom of the page) and select a different nation’s flag to change the website language from English to a language of your choice.

FAQs – How to…

How to use online services for my children – the Medical/Admin request services are not currently available for Under 16s. We are working with the software developer to see whether it will be feasible in the future but for now, please call the surgery (8.30am to 12pm) to book an appointment and use the prescriptions email address for repeat prescriptions:

How to advise my friends/relatives about using online services when they cannot – please reassure them that they can continue to call the practice and book by phone. We hope that once patients have used the online booking system a few times that the large majority of patients will prefer booking online to booking by phone. This will alleviate pressure on the phonelines and thus improve access for those patients who cannot use online services.

How to book an appointment when my reason for wanting to speak to a doctor does not fall into one of the pre-defined topics the booking software lists – Under ‘I need medical advice’, it asks you to enter your main symptom, or your complaint. If you don’t have a main symptom or complaint, type in ‘other’. You will then see the question ‘Can’t see what you are looking for?‘ – Click on this question and Select this option. On the next page you will be asked to enter your name and contact details etc and then you will be asked reason for why you want a doctor appointment.

How to book a telephone slot when the time the doctor will call me is unknown and I may not be able to answer when they call me – please put information about when you can/cannot take the phone call when you are answering the triage (what is wrong with you) questions.

How to cancel an appointment online – if you book online (via this website or using a booking link that was texted/emailed to you), you will receive a booking confirmation email which will explain how to cancel (and reschedule). Please check your junk folder if the email is not in your inbox. If you have booked by telephone, you will need to phone the surgery to cancel/reschedule.

How to email a doctor / ask a doctor a question – If you think a doctor will need to talk to you/ask you questions in order to answer your email/question, please instead ‘book a doctor telephone consultation’.  If a conversation is not needed, you can use the Admin request service to ‘ask a question’.  This should not be used if you need a quick response as it will be treated like other incoming mail and reviewed in turn.

How to send a photo to a doctor – please book a doctor telephone consultation and wait for the doctor to contact you. They will then send you a link in a text message or email and ask you to submit the photo directly to them.

How to connect my NHS App to the GP surgery’s system – if you have moved from another practice or are moving from Patient Access to the NHS App for online services, you may need to delete your NHS login and re-register. This is different to deleting the NHS App and re-installing it. See: Manage and delete (

How to ‘other / do something else’ – if neither the search box, digital assistant nor FAQs help you, please use the form below for ‘how to…’ type questions. This should not be used for booking requests, asking for medical/nursing advice.

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