Doctor Appointments

We book Doctor appointments on the same day that you want your consultation. You can book onlineor telephone 01235 522602 from 8.30am to 12 noon. After this time, we will pass urgent medical calls to the Duty Doctor but we will ask patients with non-urgent matters to call back the next morning.

When you book online or telephone, you are booking a telephone consultation. This is not at a specific time, although we try to accommodate requests for a specific time whenever possible. If your Doctor of choice is not available you will be offered a call back by another of our Doctors working that day. During your telephone consultation, the Doctor will take a history from you and either provide advice or allocate you an appointment to be seen the same day.

Helpful tips:

  • Book online if you can to avoid sitting in a telephone queue.
  • Give the reason why you want to speak to a Doctor to help your Doctor prepare.
  • If you want to speak to a specific Doctor, please look at the timetable  to see when your Doctor normally works.
  • The telephone the Doctor will use will not show caller ID. Please answer your telephone even if the caller is ‘unknown’ or says ‘no caller ID’.

Nurse Appointments

Please telephone 01235 522602 to book a Nurse/Healthcare Assistant (HCA) appointment for a future day. If possible, please phone in the afternoon when the telephones are quieter. Some appointments will be longer than others depending on the treatment so please give the reason for your appointment to the Receptionist so they can book an appointment for the required length of time.

Telephoning the Surgery

Telephone lines open at 8.30am and close at 6.30pm.

Please leave the phone lines free in the morning for patients who want to speak to a Doctor urgently or to book a doctor same day appointment.

For a Nurse appointment, if possible please call in the afternoon when phone lines are less busy.

To speak to the Administration and Prescription teams or Dispensary, please telephone between 1pm and 4pm.

Online Appointments

Telephone appointments can be booked online.  This will require registration at the practice when you will be provided with unique data to set up your individual account.

You can book your Doctor telephone call from midnight on the day you wish to receive your call back. Unfortunately the online booking system requires you to be given a time slot for a call back the Doctor will call you back at any time on that day as soon as they are able to.

Pre-bookable Appointments

Nurse and Healthcare Assistant (HCA) appointments are pre-bookable. Please telephone in the afternoon from 12 noon to 5pm to book a Nurse/HCA appointment for a future day.

Appointment Reminders

We operate an appointment reminder system for patients via text message. If you need to cancel your appointment you can simply reply to the number provided in the message with ‘CANCEL’. Please ensure your mobile telephone number is up to date on our records.

Extended Hours Appointments

We also provide some additional access between 07:00 and 08:00, Tuesday to Friday each week.

Evening and Weekend Appointments

Additionally, we work on a rota system with a federation of practices in the area to provide evening and weekend appointments. You can book an evening or weekend appointment, but you will be asked to attend whichever surgery is providing the service on that day.

The other practices in the federation are:

  • Malthouse Surgery
  • Abingdon Surgery
  • Long Furlong Medical Centre
  • Clifton Hampden Surgery
  • Berinsfield Medical Centre.

Please call and ask reception about these appointments.