Interpreting Services

If you are not confident in your ability to communicate effectively in spoken English or you use British Sign Language (BSL), please tell us. Our doctors and nurses have access to professional interpreting services; telephone interpreting for foreign language and video interpreting for BSL. We encourage the use of these professional services rather than relying on your friends/relations who may not be as proficient in interpreting specific information in the healthcare field.

For foreign language telephone interpreting services, please tell us which language(s) you speak confidently. We can then add this information to your medical record. If it is easier, you can print the ‘Language Identification Card’ leaflet and tick your language and bring it to Reception or your appointment.

The Oxfordshire Healthwatch website also has translated materials about healthcare that you may find useful. This includes general information for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants as well as specific information about pregnancy, breastfeeding, immunisations, female genital mutilation (FGM), mental health, diabetes and more.